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Our practice, founded in the late ’90s, has dedicated the past 20 years to pursuing excellence and integrity in design and professional services. We have designed and seen built a wide range of residential and commercial projects, in particular in the contract sector. Our firm creates fluently in English, French and Italian and brings an inventive and refined Italian design sense paired with an international project management culture to all our work, whether in Italy or abroad. Through continuing research into evolving technologies, innovative materials and cutting edge design, Joanne Paul Studio aims to articulate our clients needs and satisfy their expectations.




Upon gaining a BArch Carleton University in Ottawa, Joanne Paul began her professional experience working in the firm of Toni Cordero in Torino. Successively completing a MArch at McGill University in Montréal, since 1996 began her private practice working on a variety of residential and commercial projects and in particular in the contract sector both in Italy and abroad.